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In 2004, Phil W and Champ X ,ex musicians in Snowy Red started a new electropop project “once again” shortened in Wan’s. After trying several line ups they found the best one at three.  With this formula they recorded a 4 songs demo in December 2005.  Afterwards,  Micky Mike (Snowy Red) reappeared in their lives, first as singer ad interim then as Wan’s lead vocals in 2007.  They were selected to put a song on the compilation “The Egg Take One from Sunny side Up Records in 2008 and they released a single “Je te hate” in December 2008.  Due to serious health problems Micky Mike left the band and unfortunately died in may 2009.

They turned the page of the pure electro music when they met Red Ced in January 2009 who became the new lead singer and they recorded their first album In a Lifetime in april. September 2010, the 3 became 4, Mike J (ex-Wild Ones, ex-Marka) joined them on the drums.

They won the Belgian final of the international Planet Rox contest and they played in Québec City at the "Envol & Macadam" festival in October 2011.

The single “Strange” was released in November 2012 and the album “Sinners” is out since March 2013. The Sinners promo tour took place in February 2014.

The last EP Lost inside was released on 15 april 2016.


Lost inside EP  2016

Je te Hate Single 2008

Industrial Liberties EP Demo 2005

Sinners Album  2013

Strange single 2012

In A Lifetime Album 2010

The Egg Take One compilation 2007